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2017 Northeast Asia International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature & Teaching (2017 NALLTS) will be held  in Luliang College in June 2017.

Theme: Linguistics, Literature, Translation Studies and Theory and Practice of Foreign Language Teaching


  1. Forward Issues on Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
  2. Literary Studies and Foreign Language Education & Research

Organizer: Organizing Committee of NALLTS

Co-organizers: Dongshiruipu Education Science & Technology Ltd., Co.

             New Vision Press, USA

Host: Foreign Language Department, Luliang College

Working Languages: English & Chinese

Conference : 1. Five or six scholars will be invited to give the keynote speeches;

2. Participants who have subimitted papers willbe invited to give a presentation during the conference

Check-in Place: Luliang College Tongda Senke Hotel

Meeting Time: July 23-25,Check-in begins at 14:00 on July 22nd

Expenses: Conference fee RMB1200/Person. Transportation and accommodation (200 RMB/room) are not included, Credit card is acceptable.

Contact: Office: 024-31994562      Hao Bo: 15640288993

Website of NALLTS:

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     Organizing Committee of NALLTS

  Foreign Language Department, Luliang College